Delicious, fresh pasta at home

Fresh pasta
Chef-sourced ingredients
Chef-sourced ingredients

Delicious, hand rolled, pastas paired with high-quality, fresh, chef-sourced ingredients.

10 minutes of prep
10 minutes of prep

Easy to follow instructions, allowing for the freshest pasta straight out of the pan.

What our customers are saying

Tobin - tampa fl

“Chef Nic Bryon’s Pasta Packs are so good on so many levels! We get top notch restaurant quality food for dinner AND we get to do it in the comfort of our own kitchen! My wife and I have ordered a different one every week since the day they dropped and it’s become our weekly #StayHomeDateNight - The garlic cheese bread is straight up addictive (we call it crack bread) and the salads are like velvet with Chef Nic’s special homemade dressings. Add in the fact that we get to support one of our very favorite local chefs and Pasta Packs are a no brainer! @bionic89 YOU NAILED IT!"

Dana - St. Petersburg, FL

“Pasta Packs are a great way to get together and try something new. It took the stress out of an at-home date night or a family dinner. We cooked together and the result was an incredible meal each time. The flavors are bright and clean, perfectly balanced. The handmade noodles have the integrity density you think of when good Italian pasta is on your mind. Nic’s instructions are easy to follow and his presentation overall is perfect. Our meals were well packed, well presented, the perfect portion size and it felt great to make a dinner together we knew was fresh.”

Kim - Tampa, FL

“OH... MY... GOD... that was the best pasta dish I’ve ever had!!! Seriously!! And the garlic bread 🥖 That was just the cherry on top!! We both loved it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

Ally - Tampa, FL

Pasta Packs from chef are exactly what I needed in 2020. First of all they were as simple as could be to prepare for dinner...second and most important they were mind blowing good...ingredients were incredibly fresh and paired so well with each type of pasta. Pasta making is a real art and he has absolutely nailed it. Found my new favorite weekly meal!

Marryann - Sarasota, FL

“OMG… that pasta dish was amazing! Thank you so much! I felt like I was eating in Italy… it was so fresh!!”


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