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Where is the kitchen location?

Our kitchen is located at 4334 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611.


What are your hours?

Our hours are Wednesday thru Sunday, 11:00 A.M - 6:00 P.M.




Does Pasta Packs offer any gluten-free pasta dishes?

We currently offer gluten-free pasta dishes on all except for White Lasagna, Bacon Mac and Cheese, and Basil & Spinach Fettuccine. 




How long can i keep the pasta in the fridge; shelf life?

The fresh pasta can stay refrigerated for two days. If you want to preserve your unprepared Pasta Pack longer, you can freeze the pasta in the unopened, vacuum-sealed bag for up to two months. Pasta Packs sauces have a shelf life of five to seven days.

Do Pasta Packs offer dry pasta?

Dry pasta will be available soon!


Does Pasta Packs accept returns? 

All sales are final. Please review your order carefully.