Pasta Packs Kitchen

History of Pasta Packs

Pasta Packs was born out of a desire to help you create special moments at home with our hand-rolled fresh pasta dishes. After Chef Nic was laid off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, he found the opportunity to launch Pasta Packs, an idea that had been on the backburner, to continue creating delicious food and provide a new kind of culinary experience. Your go-to pasta favorite may be a classic creamy fettuccine dish or spaghetti and meatballs, and we provide everything you need to prepare a delicious meal in your own kitchen. Ingredients like fresh parsley, lemon, and garlic appeal to all five senses while you experience an interactive and fun way to have great food at home. Your Pasta Pack will include fresh pasta, the dish’s accompanying ingredients like homemade sauce, vegetables, and meatballs or seafood, and easy step-by-step instructions. Elevate your home cooking experience, but let us take care of the all-day prep work.

About Chef Nic

Chef Nic is passionate about bringing joy to the lives of others through food. He was introduced to hand-rolled pasta after culinary school and over time it became second nature to him. The development of Pasta Packs was based off of being able to bring our vibe home to your kitchen and dining space. Chef enjoys every part of the process, from sourcing new and fresh ingredients, to rolling the pasta and picking fresh herbs. Our vibe is to touch on the five senses: a blend of vintage music from around the world, fragrant incense burning for aromatherapy, a casual glass of wine of your choice while preparing the dish—an all-around timeless and relaxing experience. Because food can influence every facet of our lives, Chef Nic seeks to serve the highest purpose of food: to create unity and bring joy to your table.


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